What is the impact of Paint Quality and Paint Color on the Longevity of Paint?

To give a refreshing look to your home, Painting might be the best idea. If the places are giving a dull look, then it is definitely time to paint them in order to enhance the curb appeal of your property. While you go out to buy paint and wondering about what factors will make your paint last then do give this blog a read before buying any stuff.

Paint Quality

The first factor to look out for while choosing paint is its quality which determines how long the paint will last and maintain its original look. While choosing paints it’s best to choose quality over price as high-quality paints contain better binders whose type and amount not only affect the stain and crack resistance but also adhesion. Quality latex paints which contain 100% acrylic binders are especially long-lasting and provide better adhesion and more durability. The amount of additives also affects the quality of paints. Good quality paints have more additives that provide desirable protective properties while making the application of paint easier. In general, when you consider the life of the paint job high-quality paint costs less, as it lasts longer and applies easily.

Paint Color

In particular, the longevity of paint depends on the paint quality, besides the color choice as some colors stand the test of time better than others. Various shades of whites, grays, blues, and greens complement various types of décor therefore, they have the ability to hold up fairly well over time. Conversely, bright, vibrant colors lose their appeal easily with the updated style or décor due to clashing. Therefore, the best option is to choose a paint color wisely that can complement a few interior design updates before you decide to change it.

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