Line Marking

Global Painting Group is expert line marking painters servicing the transport, industrial and commercial sectors. We use only the best paints in our projects so you can rest assured that all line markings will be highly visible and made to last. Our client’s satisfaction and safety is always our top priority, and this is especially true with line painting. We know how important accurate and visible line marking are, so you can trust Global Painting Group to get the job done right.

There are many situations where line marking painters are required:

  • Road and highway lane markings.
  • Carparks and roadside parking spaces.
  • Factory or warehouse floors and loading areas.
  • Sporting fields such as netball and basketball courts.

The main need for line markings is on the roads network, with almost all roads requiring lane lines to be added and maintained for safety. Roads will also need line marking painters to add clearway lines, pedestrian crossings, speed limits and refuge islands. All of these features are essential to road safety, so quality paintwork from Global Painting Group is a must.


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