How to Repair an Epoxy Floor

Covering your floors in epoxy adds strength and durability to your concrete flooring since you mix together resin and hardener to create a rigid plastic material. However, sometimes your epoxy does not apply to your floor properly. You can get bubbles in the surface of your floor, your epoxy may peel up, or your floor may look discolored. With some patience and proper tools, you can easily fix your epoxy, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Method 1 – Fixing Bubbles in Your Floors

Sand the bubbles using medium-grit sandpaper and a rotary scrubber. For small groups of bubbles, you can use a palm sander and 60-grit sandpaper. For larger bubble clusters, it may be easier to use a floor buffer. Locate the area of your floor with bubbles, and place the sander over top for 5-15 seconds. Move on to the next area until all bubbles are sanded. Sanding over your floor scratches up the bubbles, making it easy to apply a fresh coat of epoxy.

Method 2 – Repairing a Peeling Floor

Hire a professional to help you fix your floor if you need assistance. The main reason your floor peeled up is due to inadequate preparation of the concrete below your epoxy. The concrete must be correctly prepared so the epoxy sticks to the concrete completely. To help with this, it may be easier to hire a professional who can clean and sand your concrete for you. You can find a contractor by searching online for “Floor epoxy installation contractors.”[2]

  • Look at the reviews and ratings of different contractors in your area, and go with one that seems experienced with concrete work.
  • This is a good idea if most of your floor is peeling up.

Method 3 – Addressing Discoloration

Let your sealer or stain sit for 4-10 hours so it can dry completely. After you cover all of your floor with the stain or tinted sealer, leave it undisturbed for at least 4 hours so it can dry. Once the it dries, you may apply additional coats if you’d like.

Adding another coat will darken your colour and help cover up any remaining discoloration.

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