Government painting services are essential to keep government owned and operated buildings in great condition. Like other buildings, these facilities may need to be repaired or have completely new paintwork. Global Painting Group’s master painters can handle any government painting project on-time, to-budget and with great results. Painting jobs can include external façade repairs, window painting, and interior wall painting. Quality government painting services will protect building’s materials from environmental and other sources of damage, which can significantly improve the building’s longevity.

These projects often must be performed whilst the facilities are still in use, requiring superb project management and safety consideration. Our team’s extensive training and years of experience allows them to perform these tasks safely with as little interruption as possible. This is all done without making any quality sacrifices.

There are many facilities which require government painting services, these include:

Global Painting Group has also been commissioned for government painting services in New South Wales prisons. Our highly professional team have provided prisons with durable painting works that meet and exceed government standards. We perform our services quickly and specialise in minimal routine disruption.


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