Epoxy Floor Coatings

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Applying and repairing epoxy floor coatings for business and commercial buildings with extended durability in mind takes skill and experience. The floor coating specialists at the independently owned and operated Global Painting Group franchise near you will ensure that your commercial epoxy floor coating project is planned and completed successfully.

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Professional Epoxy Floor Coatings are Always a Wise Investment

Concrete flooring in commercial areas without an epoxy coating can be a hazardous and costly oversight. Uncoated floors stain easily, crack, and often need frequent maintenance. The professional application of an epoxy coating by Global Painting Group will extend the life of your flooring, improve appearance, increase safety, and reduce overall maintenance costs. Selecting a commercial painting professional from Global Painting Group ensures properly applied epoxy coatings.

epoxy flooring

Epoxy coatings are an essential addition to any concrete flooring whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. Epoxy floor repair provides a smooth and long wearing surface which can withstand heavy traffic for years. These surfaces are non-slip, incredibly easy to maintain and look stunning, so they are a great choice. It is incredibly versatile and can be installed anywhere with a concrete floor including garages, warehouses, kitchens and more.

Global Painting Group’s excellent team can handle the whole epoxy floor process with care and rigour. Applying and repairing epoxy coatings is a very delicate and skill intensive process, that’s why it is best left to our team of fully-qualified professionals. When done right, an epoxy coating will protect the concrete surface from cracks and stains, saving countless hours and dollars of maintenance later. They are incredibly durable and can withstand high traffic environments for many years, increasing the lifespan of the concrete floor.

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Water damage can be a major issue for any facilities with concrete floors. It is a relatively unknown fact that concrete is actually a porous material. As a result, letting water or other liquids be absorbed by it can cause costly and time consuming damage. When exposed to moisture, concrete can weaken and crack. To protect concrete, a waterproof coating can be added to epoxy floor repair, which will form a seal. This seal will prevent water from entering the pores of the concrete with a watertight layer. Global Painting Group can apply these coatings to protect all of your concrete flooring surfaces.


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