Considering House Painting? Top Things to Consider

It takes a significant amount of time and effort to produce astonishing results in a house painting project. If done by professional residential painters Sydney, the results can easily last for more than ten years, without any major maintenance requirements. On the other hand, a mediocre job needs to be redone after a couple of years. Skilled painters in eastern suburbs at well established companies such as Global Paint Group have a vast experience when it comes to home painting in Sydney. Exterior house painting is a long-term investment and has a number of aspects.  Let’s try to breakdown exterior painting so that you can get a good idea about time and cost.

Residential Painters Sydney: Prep work is essentially the foundation of a high quality painting job. No wonder, professional Sydney painters believe that it’s more than 80% of the total work. Every house painter at Global Paint Group is known for their attention to detail in this phase. Generally, prep work involves the following steps:

  • Providing protection to the areas that are not to be painted
  • Pressure washing
  • Scraping or sanding loose paint
  • Caulking wide cracks
  • Removing rotted wood

These are the essential steps in the prep work for any exterior house painting job. With these steps, you can get rid of dirt, chemicals, mildew and chalk. It also ensures long-lasting and strong bond between your home and the exterior paint.

House Painting: There are two main factors that affect the time your project will take – number of coats and the weather conditions.As one of the most experienced providersof house interior and exterior painting in Sydney, we know how to accomplish the job in the required time period and how to take care of weather conditions. We are the most preferred painters in Sydney becausewe know when to suspend the work before rains or any extreme climatic conditions. We also make sure that humidity levels are below 85% while painting so that you’ll get a long-lasting bond and moisture-related problems would not affect your home in the future too.

The experts at ‘Global Paint Group, specializes in all types of house painting in Sydney. We will ensure that you get top-notch, long-term results following a painting job. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the leading Inner west painters today!

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