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Exterior home paint has to withstand harsh weather, extreme temperatures, UV rays and much more. No wonder, even the highest quality paint can develop some problems down the line. As one of the leading house painters in Sydney, we have compiled a list of some common issues homeowners face when it comes to their exterior home paint, and how you should deal with such problems. 

  1. Chalking – Chalking occurs when the paint layers start to decompose into finely powered substance. This usually happens when poor quality paint is used on exterior walls by some inexperienced house painter in Sydney.

To fix this problem, firstly remove the residue with a hard bristle brush or pressure wash the entire surface. If chalk residue is still there after performing these steps, apply some oil based or acrylic primer. In any case, a repaint job by experienced inner west painters is the best way to get rid of this problem.

  • Flaking and Cracking: There are many reasons for cracking and flaking of exterior paint. Low quality exterior paint with below par adhesion and flexibility is one of the most prominent ones. The second reason can be the way the paint is applied. Sometimes, incompetent house painters in Sydney apply a very thin coat of paint which can result in flaking and cracking.

Fortunately, it’s possible to rectify the problem if the real damage hasn’t begun yet. Scrap the loose paint or sand the affected areas. Apply primer and repaint the affected spots.

  • Colour Fading: This problem is related to chalking. Excessive chalking can cause the colour to fade and result in poor overall colour retention. As already mentioned, poor quality paint is responsible for chalking and fading issues. In addition, there are paints that are not made for tinting, but when these paints are tinted, it can result in fading.  There are also colours that are more susceptible to fading than others because of their vulnerability to Sun’s UV radiations.

This problem can be fixed with the help of skilled house painters in Sydney. They remove as much chalk residue as possible using advanced techniques and apply a fresh coat of high-quality paint afterward.

It’s always beneficial to do some basic research by keeping your personal preferences in mind. For more information, get in touch with the most trusted painting services in SydneyGlobal Paint Group today!

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